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Business Empire: RichMan – FAQ: All Insignia, Monopoly Code, Car Dealership, Bank, Construction, Business Mergers, Holding Companies, Items, and More!

Business Empire: RichMan is a popular idle business simulator game for the iOS and Android platform that starts you off with no money, and your goal is to start making a little bit of money, open your own businesses, purchase stocks, real estate, and cryptocurrency, purchase pre-existing businesses, and become extremely rich.

There are a number of questions that fans and players have about this game, and we have all the answers to the most pressing dilemmas in Business Empire: RichMan!

As follows, here are the five insignia that you can earn:

RichMan: this one is easy, you only need a net worth of $1 million.

Investor: you need to have bought out every every single company on the stock market. Additionally, you need to own a holding company.

Business Empire: you need to have a lifetime earnings of $500 trillion from all of your businesses. Investment money doesn’t count.

Monopoly: you need to have a net worth of over $500 trillion, and you also need to own either the 10 largest holding companies, or the five largest holding companies and one oil and gas company that earns $12 billion an hour. Additionally, you need to enter the invitation code.

The Owner: to get this, you have to be worth five quadrillion dollars, which is equal to 5000 trillion dollars.

The monopoly code is the invitation or activation code that you have to enter in order to complete the requirements for monopoly. The code changes overtime, but the two codes that we have found so far are 8pUdm90Hhuy and pTmKrmwVXODn. If neither of these codes work, then join the telegram channel for this game, or check the comments below the article to see if anybody has posted the new code, and if you have the new code but don’t see it posted, then please leave a comment.

Some folks wonder how the car dealership works. After you purchase a car dealership, you will not immediately have an income; first, you have to go to the used car market and purchase cars. You can also pay a small fee to the condition of cars before you purchase them in order to make sure that the given condition is accurate.

Once you do that, you can either repair the cars, which costs money, or list them for sale immediately. Sometimes they will sell for a profit, and sometimes they will sell for a loss. Different brands are more likely to make different amounts of profit, but overall, this is one of the more difficult and less lucrative businesses, so it’s arguably best if you avoid purchasing it unless you need it for a merger.

Banks are very easy to manage. Simply set the interest rate for deposits and credits, and make sure that the interest rate for credits is higher than the interest rate for deposits. The bigger the difference between the two interest rates, the higher that your study income is, but if you set them too far apart, then you could end up losing out on customer deposits, which would send your profit down again.

Construction companies and IT companies are fairly easy to manage. First, you have to purchase the resources (Employees and materials) required for a specific job, then you have to do the job. Once the job is ready to collect, though, you will make a profit every time, and typically, the bigger the job, the higher the profit will be.

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Taxi companies and shipping companies are easy. You simply purchase cars and trucks in order to fill vehicle slots, then watch the profit come in until the car run out of miles. Generally, the money that you spend on vehicles, the more miles that you get out of them and the more money that you make per hour.

Football clubs are insanely expensive but they give you the opportunity to earn massive amounts of money. Purchase better players to increase your club rating, then participate in leagues and win matches to earn money. You can also sign contracts with advertisers in order to increase your income even further.

The oil and gas company is the most expensive business, and the most expensive to upgrade, but it’s also the one that earns you the most money. You can sign contracts with various companies in order to supply them with oil and gas, and the more contracts that you sign over the life of the business, the more lucrative that they become.

There are a number of business mergers that you can make, and the least expensive one is the clothing brand. In order to make a clothing brand, You need a large chain of shops at level 10, a small factory at level 20, a shipping company with eight city cars and two long haul trucks, plus an initial investment of $3 million. The clothing company will provide you a large and steady income.

The space agency is a very expensive business merger. You need to have a large factory at stage 50, a shipping company with 100 long-haul trucks and 250 city cars, and a construction company with over 60 million in lifetime earnings. When you meet all of these requirements, then you can spend $450 million in order to open your own speed agency.

The holding company is the most expensive business merger. You need a bank with $420 billion in the vault, and a total of $40 billion invested in your share portfolio. After you do this, then you need an initial investment of $5 billion in order to open the holding company.

Items include cars, yachts, paintings, planes and helicopters, unique items, coins, jewels, stamps, and NFTs. as far as we can tell, they are pointless other than simply the fun of owning them. The prices never change, and each item is sold for slightly less than it is bought for, except for NFT’s, which are the same price when buying or selling them.