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Idle Capitalist: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Idle Capitalist is a new iOS game that’s all about making as much money as possible for doing as little as possible. You can earn cash, gold, and angel investors, and make nearly unlimited amounts of money, all while participating in the story mode and in various limited-time events. Read on for some tips, tricks, cheats, and strategies for Idle Capitalist!

At first, you make money with a business by tapping on the business animation to open it up. You can level it up, but the most important levels are 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, and so on, as those are the ones that come with speed and/or income multipliers. Hit the upgrades menu and the manager menu too; upgrades add a multiplier to a business, while managers allow the business to make money automatically.

As you start opening businesses later in the game, it will take longer and longer for them to pay out once they’re enabled, but once you have a manager for them, a quick way to get paid is to close the game, then reopen it when you want to play again and collect all of the money as offline income. The offline income takes into account the money per second of everyone in the game and averages it out, making offline income much more lucative than online income in these cases.

Once you get far enough in, you’ll be able to prestige, which means selling all of your businesses, in exchange for acquiring angel investors. Each investor is worth over 11% multiplier on your character, so even if you don’t buy any angel upgrades, you’ll still making far more money than you were before, and you’ll recoup your restart very quickly.

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Once you have enough money to purchase angel investors, a general rule is to never spend more than 1/3 of the investors that you have. It takes a good long time to earn your angels back if you spend too many of them; if you spend more than 2/3 of them, it can take a VERY long time to earn them back and prestige again.

Watch out for the video ad offers whenever you have an internet connection. They provide bonuses such as 2x revenue for four hours, 2x offline income profit, and even a half an hour time skip in the store. Plus, if you tap the bird that flies by, often you’ll be able to get 5x profit by watching an ad video.


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