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AdVenture Capitalist: Mars Mission Guide, Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats and Strategies

AdVenture Capitalist, or AdCap for short, first had you getting rich beyond belief on the Earth, and then on the moon later on. Now, not only has the moon mission recently been rebalanced, but there is finally a Mars mission that has been opened up as well. Now you can earn massive amounts of moon bucks and build up your empire in all new ways! Read on for some tips and tricks for the Mars mission on AdVenture Capitalist!

The main thing that the Mars mission has that the rest of the game does not have is the Profit Martians. How these work is that once you deploy them, they will double all of your income for 30 seconds, and then when they run out of time, they will be available in about 3 hours. While they are deployed, if you tap on them you will add seconds to their time. After they are done, if you tap on them, you will knock a second at a time off of their recovery time.

Otherwise, things tend to be a little bit better balanced here than they were at the first iteration of the moon. The red dirt, your initial product, only makes you 1 cent apiece initially, but it makes for a fast and easy upgrade, and with each upgrade comes a 3x multiplier. For other products, the multipliers are obviously different. Marsies, for instance, will be 3.33x per unlock, Men will be at x9, and Buggles will be at x2.

Getting through all of the rest of the unlocks is a slow slog, but luckily you will end up being able to attract angel investors before you have even made it to the LiFE Pod and the Terrorformer unlocks. Once you have around 100 or so, reinvest and restart because that makes for a 200% boost, or a 700% boost if you have logged into Kongregate for your free angel investor bonus.

All of the old cheats are applicable here as well. You can set the time ahead on your phone or tablet to skip time for free without having to spend any gold, and if you set the time back to normal and the cash flow stops, claim your angel investors and the cash will begin to flow again, with much higher speed due to the investors of course.

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There are already over 600 unlocks built into this mode so you can keep going for a really long time without the Mars mission becoming uninteresting. Just keep reinvesting as you go and you’ll get insanely rich insanely fast. There are no disproportionately good investments unlike the Moon mission, aside from possibly the Brain-cation after a few unlocks. This would make a good one to give the Mega Buck Boost to.

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