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AdVenture Capitalist: How to get loads of Mega Bucks and Mega Tickets, Page 2

So how do you maximize your actual earnings of mega bucks? Do it by simply loading up on as much cash as you possibly can. Stay up to date with your upgrades and your managers so that you can keep the income flowing in as quickly as possible. And keep taking angel investors, because without them and their angel upgrades, your ability to earn will be severely hamstrung.

If you do not currently pay attention to your earth mission, start doing so, and if you don’t have the moon mission or you do but you have been ignoring it, stop ignoring it, and manage both of them. Watch ads separately for both of them to double the income of each of them.

If you want to maximize the Mega Tickets that you get, save the Mega Bucks until you have 90 of them. Instead of spending 10 Mega Bucks to get 1 Mega Ticket, you can spend 90 Mega Bucks in order to get 10 Mega Tickets. This means that you get one free Mega Buck if you can wait long enough in order to earn and spend more. It can also be argued, however, that the gradual spending of Mega Bucks on Mega Tickets will lead to a quicker overall earning of 10 Mega Bucks due to the huge boost that the Tickets provide.

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If you really want to earn the cash quickly, then set the time ahead on your iPhone or Android or iPad (not on Steam, as the trick doesn’t work on there). Set it ahead by however much you want, and then go back to the game and you’ll be LOADED with cash as it will skip all of the time that you set the game ahead by. This cheating can take the fun out of the game though, so USE SPARINGLY.

Anyways, once you use the cheat, you can do one of two things. You can spend your money on Mega Bucks, and then set the time back to normal, take the angel investors and reset. Or you can purchase Mega Ticket upgrades, then do the trick yet again, then take the Mega Bucks and angel investors and reset.

Remember, then, that you can keep your Gold Investments for the remainder of the time that you have this game for. Make sure that you keep them forever by linking the game to Facebook or to your Kongregate account, so that if it gets deleted or your device gets reset, or you upgrade devices, you can get your game back again. Once you lose your data, you lose the Gold Investments.

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