CS GO Case Simulator – Jackpot Guide: How to unlock and win at the jackpot mode

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CS GO Case Simulator’s most expensive unlock (one of them at least) is the Jackpot mode. You can earn this mode through the unlock store when you have 1,000 cash that you can spend on unlocking it. Once you do, you will be able to gamble away a lot of skins, weapons, and stickers, but in exchange, you will have a shot at winning some real good money too. Read on for some tips on how to win at the Jackpot mode in CS GO Case Simulator, once known as Case Clicker!

First, how to unlock it. You need to go to the bottom of the upgrade store and spend 1,000 dollars on unlocking it. This is not all that hard to do. After getting a few tapping upgrades, go to the main screen and spend about 20 minutes tapping racking up combos, and watching the money pile up (or doing something else while you tap to make the time go by more quickly). Keep this up til you have 1,000 dollars.

Next, unlock the Jackpot mode and you will see it pop up in the left side of the screen, in the menu. Go there and you can add as many or as few weapons as you want. Next, hit the “start Jackpot” button to watch the money begin to pile up. There is a lot more strategy than just watching it go, though.

As it builds up, you will see the payout change and the percentage chance of winning change. If the percentage is dropping too fast or the payout is not building quickly enough, go to the Jackpot Skin Prices menu, which is the little “gear” in the middle of the jackpot, and change the skin price to either Very Low, Low, Normal or Above Normal.

You can do this with either the jackpot stopped or started. It’s recommended to pause the Jackpot in the middle first, which you can do by hitting the Stop Jackpot button. Once you stop it, you can restart it whenever you want until you finally hit 50 out of 50. Then it will be too late to do anything about your win chance, but obviously the better it is, the more likely you are to hit the jackpot.

Aside from changing the sticker prices, if you need to change the win chance, start adding weapons, stickers, skins and whatnot. Increase the total value of your items in order to increase your chances of winning. The rarer and more expensive the items, the better your chances at winning will be.

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