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Case Chase: CSGO Case Clicker – How to unlock rare sticker capsules, rare autographs and rare souvenirs

Case Chase: CSGO Case Clicker, formerly Case Clicker, is just loaded with all kinds of odd, crazy stuff that you can purchase with the cash that you tap for. Cases are one of the things that you can open, but (and if you aren’t paying attention it’s easy to miss) you can get souvenirs, sticker capsules, and autographs as well, homages to Counterstrike’s place in the esports scene. Read on for some tips on how to get rare autographs, souvenirs and sticker capsules on Case Chase: CSGO Case Clicker!

First of all is the method to actually get to the stickers, souvenirs and autographs. Go to the cases menu, but instead of looking at the cases, go to the top bar and scroll to the right. Scroll once and you hit the collections menu, with all of the souvenir packages. Scroll again, and you hit the sticker capsules. Scroll yet again and you’ll hit the autographs.

You might not have too many of them unlocked at first. Work on the upgrades. Open cases so that you can unlock more upgrades, and increase your upgrade tier (I.E. Gold Nova III, etc) every time that you can afford to do so. You’ll find more sticker unlocks, autograph unlocks and souvenir unlocks the more than you do this.

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The souvenir unlocks mainly consist of weapons, and they can be either cheap or VERY expensive, depending on the rarity of what you purchase. However, this makes it a rather easy way to get rare weapons, which is useful if you want to complete a mission that has to do with rare weapon acquisition.

The sticker capsules contain various stickers, either common or rare, and they cost different prices, with the rare ones giving you a high shot at rare stickers. You have to buy the capsule first, then pay $1.00 for the key. The key always costs the same no matter how much the capsule was when you bought it.

Autographs are always one dollar, and they will always sell for more than a dollar – usually 60 to 80 cents more. That makes them a great way to earn money quickly if you are sick of tapping, because you will always make money, and never lose money. Complete a collection of any of these to earn an additional reward, too.