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CS GO Case Simulator – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies

CS GO Case Simulator (once known as Case Clicker) has inexplicably become one of the most popular clicker games on the iPhone and Android, due to its countless Counterstrike references. In this game your goal is to tap to make money, tap to open cases, then open the cases to get weapons, then sell the weapons for money. Read on for the top 15 tips and tricks for CS GO Case Simulator!

15) Tap the money side rapidly to make your combo go up. You’ll see it rise slowly, from 1.01 to 1.02 etc. This will continue indefinitely, so hypothetically if you tap for a really long time, you can go up to 5x, 10x, 20x, etc. combos and make a whole lot of money.

14) At first you can only get crappy cases from tapping, but go to the upgrade store and find the case upgrades. Upgrade and you’ll add multiple different cases to the roulette wheel that are much better, and usually have more lucrative weapons than your beginning Breakout cases.

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13) Be sure to collect the daily reward each day. This will give you a weapon without you having to spend any money on any keys to open any cases, so it is literally free money. Or you can keep it around, if you want to sign a weapons contract later on, for a chance at even bigger rewards.

12) Weapons, as well as other goodies (sticker capsules, autographs etc) are measured by their rarity. Blue is the most common, then purple, then red, etc, and the more rare that an item is, the higher its value. However, this isn’t always true as the value will depend on the condition of the item as well. Sometimes blue weapons can be worth several dollars.

11) There are three different options that you can pick in the shop that allow you to get bonuses for watching advertisement videos. One of them gives you a free opened case that you don’t have to buy a key for. Another one allows you to skip the current mission, while the third option will give you a 45 second 2x tap bonus every time that you watch the ad video. Each of these refreshes every 10 minutes.

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