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Perfect Shift – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Perfect Shift is a new racing game for the iOS and Android platform that has quickly become one of the top drag racing games on the app store. You quest through a story mode loaded with bosses to take down, as well as ladder races, scheduled races and more, and you start off low with a hot hatch, work your way up until you’re driving supercars and exotics, and earn cash and diamonds for your troubles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Perfect Shift!

Your method of winning is to hit your shift points perfectly. First, rev your engine until the little gear selector icon is in the green when you start. Then when it comes time to shift, hold on until it’s in the green, then shift. If it’s in the yellow you are a little bit too early, and if it’s in the red, you’re shifting too late.

This is easy to do at first but it gets tougher to time as your car gets faster and faster. Plus, you also have to find the perfect time to use your nitrous. Watch to see where your opponent’s gearing starts to give them a boost or let them down, and watch to see what the weak spot in your gearing is, if any. Then use the nitrous to boost at that point.

If you can’t beat the story boss, play as many ladders and scheduled races as you need to in order to rack up the necessary cash to get new car parts. Or, if you want to earn cash quickly, go to the IAP store and you can watch advertisement videos for cash. You can watch as many as you want until the videos run out, then you have to start racing again. Wait 10-15 minutes and the videos will come back.

You can upgrade the engine, transmission, tires, and more on your car. Upgrade everything to the same level at once. Each upgrade is a small boost but together, they make a huge difference. Also, you can earn more cash per race when you put decals on your car.

Once you are done with story mode, hit the airplane icon in order to access new levels. Each level has its own story mode, its own ladder races and more. You also unlock new tiers of cars when you get to a new level, so don’t spend all of your cash right away. Save it so that later on, you have more to spend on your new car.

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