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Mucho Taco – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Mucho Taco is a new clicker game by Noodlecake, the makers of the famous and funny Bitcoin Billionaire. You run a restaurant and make tacos, and you can upgrade tacos, open more restaurants so that they can make tacos, and then level them up so that they can make even more tacos! Read on for some tips and tricks for Mucho Taco!

Your main mode of play is to swipe in order to make tacos; however, if you want it to be a tapper game there is a two-dollar in app purchase you can make. You can tap instead of swipe, and you can even tap with multiple fingers in an alternating manner to really speed things up and to jack up the rate of your piñata meter filling up.

Once it fills up, you can open it for a bonus. You can double any bonus that you get by watching an ad, or you can stay with the bonus that you got if an ad is unavailable or if you don’t want to watch one. The piñatas are often more valuable than the tapping, even when you factor in the multipliers, so tap for the piñatas and knock them down as soon as you can. You can even get free chili coins (the premium currency of the game) inside of piñatas.

Look for the tabs to pop up at the top of the screen, because they will carry bonuses too, such as an instant piñata or instant tacos. Check out the various missions too which appear after you cook them up inside of the stone oven.

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If you get sick of the tapping but you still want to earn more tacos, go to your restaurants and look around for bonus tacos on the ground. Tap them and you will get 120 tacos instantly. Collect from any closed restaurant to earn a hell of a lot more tacos than that.

Purchase and upgrade your restaurants for the fastest method of earning more tacos. The more expensive that the restaurant is to purchase, the longer that it will stay open for and the more tacos you’ll earn from it. Each upgrade will add a few minutes (more for more expensive restaurants) to the open time, as well as adding one taco per second to the amount that you can earn from it.