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Food Evolution – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Food Evolution is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you tap food, upgrade food by merging it together, and then evolving it. You can earn coins and unlock massive amounts of various creatures, and more of them are constantly being added to the game by the developers. Read on for some tips and tricks for Food Evolution!

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You can merge food together in order to make new food and unlock new areas, but you can also tap on the food if you don’t have enough of it to go on or if you just want to earn more coins. Go to the highest level that you have recently unlocked and tap that one for the most coins per tap.

The quickest way to earn a huge amount of coins is by completing the missions. Missions typically take a very short amount of time to complete, but you have to claim the reward manually before the next mission will be unlocked and before you get the cash.

The cat bonus will earn you a massive amount of coins, so save it until you are on a coins quest, if at all practical. Once the cat appears, save it for the highest-tier character on the first screen. There is no way to move cats to the higher-area screens, unfortunately.

After enough upgrading you will end up at the Food God, who will reincarnate you if you want, but before you reincarnate, focus on purchasing the upgrades that will carry over. Scroll all the way to the left to get to the taco that produces boxes, and upgrade it to increase the speed at which boxes are thrown. Hit the regular Upgrades menu for upgrades that will last after reincarnation as well.

Once you earn all of the Food God orbs, you will be able to reincarnate with a coin bonus. The only twist on this is that the previous food will be gone and a new, different type of food will be available in boxes and for sale in the store. For example, the tacos from the first round will give way to salads and other goodies, or even candy, in future rounds. Gameplay will be the same aside from the graphical changes.