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Cookie Clickers 2 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Cookie Clickers 2 is the sequel to the famous Cookie Clickers by Redbit Games for the iOS and Android. This one retains the cookie-clicking gameplay of the first one, but the game goes a lot deeper, with unlocks and power-ups that can skyrocket your cookie baking, golden cookies for premium bonuses, as well as a series of quests that earns you bonuses and takes you through Cookieland and opens up more and more of the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cookie Clickers 2!

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While you have one stage at a time open in Cookieland, you will get a notification any time that you inadvertently complete one of the quests from a future stage, regardless of if you actually know what you were doing or not. Tap on one of the not-yet-unlocked levels and any quest that you have already completed will show up perfectly, although the incomplete ones will still show up as a series of question marks.

Golden cookies will drop down randomly. Once you buy the golden rain power-up, the golden bar at the top of the screen will fill when you tap, and when it fills all the way up, it will empty out and several cookies will fall at once in a few seconds. Tap with multiple fingers, both to cause it to fill quicker and to earn more cookies.

Hit the “More!” menu for some free golden cookies by clicking the Facebook and Twitter button (not the first time but the second time you click them) as well as from the video ad. Watch the video ad and you’ll get a golden cookie; future videos will earn you regular cookies instead. The more upgrades you have, the more cookies you will earn from one video.

Avoid spending your golden cookies on the time machine and the lucky spin as much as possible. Instead, save them, then go to the Upgrades menu once you unlock it in the cookie shop and look for the premium upgrades. You’ll need to buy the non-premium version of an upgrade first, but then you’ll get three premium upgrades above it.

Tap on the cookie with two alternating fingers. Any more than that and the game will have a bit of trouble registering all of the taps, but any less than that and you won’t be tapping as quickly as you possibly can. Super quick taps can even unlock achievements on various levels of the game.