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Virus Clickers – Tips and Cheats – The Strategy Guide

Virus Clickers is the latest “Clickers” game from RedBit, makers of the iOS version of Cookie Clickers and Sushi Clickers. This one, unlike the others, actually has a system of levels as well as different types of virii, giving it a little more depth for those who found Cookie Clickers lacking in it. Read on for some tips and tricks for Virus Clickers!

-In order to unlock more of the characters, you have to finish a round with a higher base score. To do this, you need to have your Lethality score up to the required “base score” by the end of the level.
-When picking a virus, the touch bonus is how many extra points per tap. Virus per second is how many virus points the virus earns on its own. Lethality is how many “points” the character starts with.

-If you want to get the highest virus per second possible before killing the patient, go to the power up store and load up on Concealed Virus, which has no lethality. The more expensive the virus, the higher lethality it will add, and the higher the lethality the more damage it will do.
-If you just want to finish the stage as quickly as possible, save up for the Virus Evolution and the Pitiless Virus, which will skyrocket the lethality score and kill the character quickly.

-If you choose to try to increase your VPS as high as possible, but buying the concealed virus no longer is expeditious, then start moving up the store ladder, but stay as low as you can manage to.
-Once your VPS is insanely high (over 60,000 or so), start rapid-tapping the pitiless virus as fast as you can before your character gets killed off.

-You can only unlock one character at a time so it’s best to keep hitting the minimum required lethality score until you unlock the Shaolin Monk. Once you unlock him, then you’ll have an easier time earning record setting scores because he is harder to kill.
-Tapping with more than one finger at a time is the fastest way to earn points against the virus. The faster you tap the higher the multiplier goes – although once your VPS is high enough, it barely even matters.

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-Tapping will actually cause the lethality bar to turn greener, so if you are trying to extend it as high as possible, tap rapidly. Buying power ups in the store will also green up the bar.
-If you minimize the game, the score will stop counting and the lethality bar will stop moving. Do this if you need to pause.