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Pizza Clickers – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Pizza Clickers is a brand-new and surprisingly addicting game for the iPhone and iPad. The genre of the game is hard to define, because all that you do is sit there and click on a pizza over and over again. The more you click on the pizza, the more pizza that you earn, and then you can use your pizza to purchase power ups allow you to earn even more pizza. Despite the simplistic and slightly ridiculous gameplay, this game can be extremely addicting. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pizza Clickers!

Most of the power ups that you can buy will earn you a set amount of pizza every second. These only apply when the game is active on the screen of your iPhone or iPad, so whenever the phone goes to sleep, you start earning pizzas. You can earn pizzas indefinitely by turning off the autolock settings on your phone or tablet. Go to the settings, general, autolock, then shut the autolock off. Then when you leave the app active, you will earn tons of extra pizza.

Of course, you’re going to need to do the tapping yourself if you want to earn as much pizza as possible. Purchase the power click power up first and foremost, because it will multiply the value of every tap that you do on the pizza. But at least two of the power clicks before you start purchasing any of the other power ups.

As soon as you see a golden pizza fall down the screen, tap it. It’s very difficult to catch the golden pizza before it falls off the screen, but if you can successfully tap it, he water in a time of extra pizza as a reward.

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Buy the off-line production power up if you want to earn pizza even when the app is closed. The more that you upgrade the off-line production power up, the more pizza that you will earn while you’re off-line, because you only earn a percentage of what you would normally earn while the app is active.

Tap with multiple fingers if you want to earn picture as quickly as possible. You have to time them just right, or else the taps will overlap. Tap rhythmically to the beat of the song if you want to make it real easy to do.