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Pizza Ready! – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Pizza Ready! is a new mobile restaurant game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game puts you in charge of your own restaurant, with a massive amount of upgrades that you can do, from more employees to more furniture around the restaurant and far more. You can load up on cash, unlock new restaurants, serve VIPs in the lobby, and even open a take out side.

Read on for collection of tips and tricks for Pizza Ready!

This game feels excruciatingly slow to begin, but after you build up the basics, you can speed it up greatly. Build the upgrade room and the HR room and you will be able to add new employees, increase their walking speed and capacity, increase your own walking speed and capacity, and increase your profits.

Every single one of these upgrades can be purchased either with cash or by watching an advertisement video. For some of these upgrades, watching the video can be a far quicker way to get things going in your restaurants, especially for adding new employees. You can either spend thousands of dollars, or watch a video that takes between 30 and 45 seconds to complete.

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To maximize the speed at which things happen in your restaurant, we recommend using advertisement videos to max out every single one of the upgrades in HR and the upgrade room. Once you do that, start collecting cash and upgrading everything that you can on the restaurant floor. Step on the squares and rectangles in order to purchase the upgrades; if you have enough cash, then the upgrade will happen right away.

When you get far enough into the game, you will also unlock the ability to purchase a new chef’s uniform. These uniforms can be very expensive, but they’re not just for cosmetic purposes; some of them provide significant performance boosts as well.

Click on the map icon in the upper left corner of the screen and you will be able to see where your next restaurant will be after you pass the current one. It says “coming soon“, but typically, it means coming when you max out the upgrades in your current restaurant, not when the next update to the game comes out. Your next restaurants will also not be pizza restaurants; for example, your second restaurant sells burgers in New York, and your third restaurant sells Mexican food in Florida.

The offline rewards in this game are absolutely terrible. If you want to make more money while you’re not playing the game, plug your phone in and leave the screen open and active for a while. Come back and collect the money that’s been piling up, and you will have thousands and thousands of dollars, instead of the maybe 100 that you get from offline income.

If you want to stop the advertisements from happening, then load the game while your phone is in airplane mode and Wi-Fi is turned off, so that there is no web signal. Doing this will stop the ad server from communicating with the game, making it so that advertisements don’t show up.