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Good Pizza, Great Pizza – Top Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Money and Upgrade Guide

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a difficult new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you run a pizza place and your goal is to make the customers happy while making the most money that you possibly can. Customers will order pizza anywhere on the spectrum from normal to completely weird, and your goal is to make it for them as quickly and as high-quality as you can in order to make the most money possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Good Pizza, Great Pizza!

Whenever a customer gives an order, start with the assumption of a pizza that has bread, sauce and cheese, and is cut into the standard eight slices. That’s the standard pizza. Don’t leave the sauce off unless the customer SPECIFICALLY SAYS to leave the sauce off, and don’t leave the cheese off unless the customer specifies it. Same with half sauce and half cheese.

With all of this in mind, though, you have to be judicious with how much of each condiment you use. There’s no reason to dump three layers of sauce and four layers of cheese on your pizza, unless you want to drive yourself bankrupt. Experiment and see how little cheese and sauce you can use and still make a pizza that pleases your customers and earns you a good tip.

There are some orders that can boggle the mind, but you can experiment to figure out what they are. If a customer asks for a pizza that looks like the sunrise, then give them the standard sauce and cheese. If they ask for a half cheese bread and half sauce bread, give them a half cheese only and a half sauce only. If they ask for a super extra crispy pizza, run it through the oven THREE times (well done is two times).

Often a customer will come up and ask for something that includes a topping you don’t have. You’ll need to earn enough money to purchase topping upgrades, but when you do, you will be able to serve them to customers and make more money from each pizza. If you don’t have the topping, say “no” to them in order to send them away. You can get away with some things, though, such as serving a customer pepperoni when they ask for salami.

You’ll need to maximize your money, so unless you have a ton of it, you’ll have to turn away people who come in with no money or with just one dollar who ask “what can I get for this”. Either that, or make them the quickest pizza that you possibly can in order to save money.

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