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Cat Snack Bar: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Cat Snack Bar is a new restaurant simulator game for the iOS and Android platforms. You get to run a restaurant with different stations, upgrade your stations and unlock new ones for increased profit, and load up on equipment, merchandise, and a whole lot more. You can load up on coins and gems, open new and larger restaurants, participate in special events, and even travel to new cities.

Read on for a list of tips and tricks for Cat Snack Bar!

Each upgrade to each one of your stations will increase your income, but whenever you hit levels 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, and so on, you will double the income that you earn. Additionally, at some of these upgrade levels, you will also unlock new stations, allowing more of your cats to use them to make food.

Be sure to purchase the upgrades in the upgrade menu at the bottom right corner of the screen, not just level up your stations. These upgrades can provide significant multipliers to individual stations or to your entire restaurant, speed things up, give you new chefs and part-time employees, and give you more customers, so they are extremely important.

Oftentimes you can actually earn more coins in a shorter period from offline income than from playing actively, so take advantage of this. Close out the game for five minutes at a time, then come back to it and purchase all of the upgrades, new stations, and level ups that you can afford, especially multipliers. Then shut the game off for five more minutes and repeat.

Merchandise allows you to unlock different types of talents, which are things that don’t get upgraded by anything else, such as how much the ad boost is worth, how long the ad boost lasts for, how much tips are worth, your chances of getting a tip, and even increasing your chances of getting gems from the ad boost. Spend your gems on merchandise for these permanent boosts.

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You will unlock the ability to earn the equipment and use it after going through about four or five restaurants at the beginning of the game. When you open boxes, you will earn equipment, and the more expensive the box, the better your chances of earning rare and epic equipment. After five times opening the luxury box, you will get a guaranteed epic piece, which is purple in surroundings.

Before you upgrade any piece of equipment, be sure to retract all of the upgrades. All of the gems that you spend on upgrading your equipment are fully refundable at any time, simply by hitting the rewind button, which takes your equipment down to level one and gives you back all of the gyms. This can allow you to rack up gems quickly when you either want to upgrade a new epic piece of equipment or load up in order to purchase a luxury box.

Even though you will get a lot of useless common equipment as you play, always pay attention to what upgrades are available, and whenever you can upgrade your equipment, do so. Combining equipment will increase its rarity by one, and smart combinations will allow you to earn epic and above equipment without even having to open any luxury boxes.