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Eatventure: Full List of All Cities and City Numbers

Eatventure is an enduring and wildly popular restaurant building game for the iOS and Android platforms where you travel from city to city, build different stations and upgrade them, and move to bigger and bigger restaurants until you finish and it’s time to move onto the next city. You can, of course, earn better and better equipment and other goodies, which will majorly speed up the process.

The deeper you get into the game, the more different cities that you unlock, but the game doesn’t actually tell you the number of the city you’re on; it only tells you what city you’re in. Luckily, we have a full list of cities and what number the cities are, so you can figure out exactly how close you are to unlocking some of the more advanced new features, such as more pets and more tools.

Read on for a full list of cities and their numbers in Eatventure!

1: San Francisco

2: New York

3: Miami

4: Paris

5: London

6: Tokyo

7: Venice

8: Beirut

9: Berlin

10: Oslo

11: Rome

12: Warsaw

13: Johannesburg

14: Stockholm

15: Mexico City

16: Portland

17: Toronto

18: Sydney

19: Lyon

20: Glasgow

21: Beijing

22: Bruges

23: Istanbul

24: Hamburg

25: Zurich

26: Milan

27: Budapest

28: Nairobi

29: Helsinki

30: Sao Paulo

31: Seattle

32: San Diego

33: Santa Monica

34: Brussels

35: Luxembourg

36: Hong Kong

37: Treviso

38: Marrakech

39: Cologne

40: Tallinn

41: Florence

42: Prague

43: Cape Town

44: Copenhagen

45: Lima

46: Los Angeles

47: Pittsburgh

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48: Nassau

49: Madrid

50: Amsterdam

51: Seoul

52: Birmingham

53: Cairo

54: Frankfurt

55: Quebec

56: Naples

57: Zagreb

58: Pretoria

59: Gothenburg

60: Santiago

Once you beat Santiago and you’re ready to fly to the next city, the list of cities will start over with San Francisco, but the city count will keep increasing. So for San Francisco, the city count will be 61 instead of one. The count keeps increasing and increasing, allowing you to play the game almost endlessly.

The reason that this list of cities is important is that there are various different features and functions of the game that don’t unlock until you get to a certain city and the game. Second pet slot, for example, unlock once you reach city number 121, and the second tool slot unlocks once you reach city level 61. Use this list to figure out how close you are to unlocking these functions.