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Eatventure: All Pets, Pet Merging, and Pet Food Guide

Eatventure is an enduring and wildly popular restaurant building game for the iOS and Android platforms where you travel from city to city, build different stations and upgrade them, and move to bigger and bigger restaurants until you finish and it’s time to move onto the next city. You have various equipment that helps you along this path, with the newest being pets.

Pets are entirely different from every other piece of equipment that you can equip, and you can earn many pets of different rarities, upgrade them, level them up, and unlock more of them. Even if you’ve been playing for a while and you have a full load of legendary and mythical equipment, pets can still provide you that boost to get you just over the edge and speed up the pace at which you can make your way through restaurants and cities.

Read on for a full guide to pets, pet food, pet merging, and more in Eatventure!

As you find out fairly quickly after updating the game, pets can be acquired in much the same way as every other piece of equipment is. You can find pet eggs by opening the various different boxes that you get in either the store or as a reward for beating levels. The difference is that the pet won’t make a difference for you until you feed it enough pet food to hatch

If you want to find out either what pet you will earn from an egg, or what pet you have a chance of hatching from an egg, then tap the egg in the equipment menu screen and hit the info button and. You will see a list of all of the possible pets that can hatch from the egg; for some eggs, it’s only one pet, while for some other eggs, it can be far more.

You can get both pet eggs and pet food by opening the various boxes; small boxes, big boxes, and event boxes all have them. The big boxes and the event boxes are more likely to have the eggs, while the small boxes are more likely to have the food. The best strategy is to open the big boxes in the event boxes first until you get an egg, and then work on the small boxes so that you can hatch the egg.

Small boxes are very easy to get; anytime that you beat a restaurant other than the final restaurant of the city, you will earn between one and three small boxes. Small boxes are far more likely to contain pet food than big boxes, so if you really need to hatch an egg or upgrade your pet, then open small box after small box.

Once you pick up a pet egg, you will be able to equip it, but you will not be able to get any benefit from it until you hatch it. After you equip the egg, there will be a button that shows you how many times you need to feed it in order to hatch it. Keep collecting pet food, preferably by using the small boxes, and feeding it until you hatch it.

After you hatch the pet, you will get a bonus income booster, and you will be able to level up your pet using a very small amount of pet food. Each level boosts the multiplier total by the same amount, and each level boost also costs almost the same amount as the last one, so you don’t have massively escalating increases in stats and escalating costs like you do with leveling up every other piece of equipment that’s not a pet.

Finding new pet rarities is also something different than you’re probably used to. In order to get the next rarest pet, simply merge your pet with two identical pets. That means they have to be the same rarity and the actual animal has to be the same. Increasing the rarity of the pet will increase your base statistics significantly, as well as increase the amount you gain on your multiplier when you level it up.

Other than the system of merging your pets together, the best way to find rare and epic (and legendary and ultimate) pets is to wait for an event and open the event box. Event boxes cost 250 gems; if you have enough to purchase one, but there are none available in the store due to an event, then hold onto them for a while until an event begins, and then purchase.

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Additionally, often, the merchant shows up as part of their own event, and you earn their specific currency my leveling up one of your stations one time. Now that pets are part of the game, it is very likely that they are going to start carrying pets as part of their merchandise, or pet eggs, so save up and purchase one. Even if it’s a common one, it can be used for merging later.

So far, you can get common, rare, and epic pets, as well as legendary and ultimate pets. The legendary and ultimate pets, which are Ring by orange and red respectively, or far rarer and more difficult to get, but just like with legendary and ultimate equipment, they are completely worth it.

Pets are unlocked immediately once you begin gameplay, with only one pet slot. Once you make it past city number 120, you will unlock a second pet slot, which allows you to equip a second pet at a time. So be judicious when you are getting rid of pets and be sure to keep a second strong one for the instance that you unlock this slot.

Additionally, be judicious about using all of your pet food on one pet. If you get a common pet, then it is tempting to use your pet food to level it up to a high level, but it’s usually better to save that pet food so that you can unlock a rare, epic, or legendary pet as soon as you get the egg for it. The statistical boosts will be significantly higher, and then after you unlock it, if you have leftover food, you will be able to level it up quickly.

Another benefit to waiting around for a pet with a higher rarity is that pets that are more rare than common will also have secondary characteristics that will majorly help you out through the game. These secondary characteristics can often be even more effective than the primary profit boosters, because they can do such things as give you gold food or make your workers move faster.