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Cat Snack Bar: Rare Equipment Guide – How to get Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mystic Equipment

Cat Snack Bar is a wildly popular cat themed restaurant game for the iOS and Android platforms where are you move from city to city and restaurant to restaurant, building bigger and more lucrative restaurants to make your crew of cat chefs rich. Along the way, you will earn all kinds of equipment that you can use to increase your profit multiplier and to give your cats better abilities.

There are many different tiers of equipment that you can give to your cats, and the better than equipment, and more rare, the more abilities that your chats will unlock and the higher the profit multiplier will be. This equipment comes in common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mystic. This guy will show you how to get the rarest and most lucrative equipment of all.

Read on for a full equipment guide for Cat Snack Bar!

Common, uncommon, and rare equipment are very easy to get, and will show up in the various equipment boxes that you open throughout the game. Common equipment is gray, uncommon equipment is green, and rare equipment is blue. to upgrade common to uncommon or uncommon to rare, all that you have to do is merge three identical pieces of equipment with the same rarity together.

Epic equipment comes in purple. You can unlock epic equipment by merging the three identical rare pieces of equipment together. Once you get past the epic tier, though, then the upgrade game begins to change.

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To upgrade a piece of epic equipment, simply merge it with another piece of epic equipment that falls under the same category, whether it’s body, head, or hand. It does not have to be an identical item, only an item of the same rarity in the same category. the result of the merger will be an epic+1 piece of equipment.

To upgrade an epic+1 piece of equipment, merge it with another epic+1 piece of equipment that falls under the same category. Once you do this, it will become an epic+2 piece of equipment.

Next, to get a legendary piece of equipment, simply merge two epic+2 items together that fall within the same category, and they will become a legendary piece of equipment.

After this, the story remains fairly similar. Merge two legendary pieces of equipment that fall within the same category together in order to get a legendary+1 piece of equipment.

Then, in order to get a legendary+2 piece of equipment, all that you have to do is merge two legendary+1 pieces of equipment together that fall within the same category. Once again, they do not have to be identical items.

The game changes once again when it comes time to upgrade to a mystic piece of equipment. In order to get mystic equipment, take one legendary +2 piece of equipment, and then merge it with two identical legendary pieces of equipment. All three of the pieces of equipment have to be identical, but the primary equipment has to be +2, while the other two pieces of equipment do not.

Mystic is the highest possible tier equipment that you can upgrade to, at least for now. It’s possible that even higher rarities will pop up as the game continues to get updates, and the developers tend to be very active with their updates, so if another rarity is added to the game, you will read it here first.