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Cozy Cafe: Animal Restaurant – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Cozy Cafe: Animal Restaurant is a new restaurant game for the iOS and Android platforms where you run a cafe staffed by cute, cuddly-looking animals in a distinctly chibi anime style. You can move from restaurant to restaurant, with more and more stations to upgrade, all while earning coins and diamonds. You can unlock equipment of various rarities from rare to epic and beyond, and even unlock multiple new characters, all of whom you can give equipment of their own.

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You can upgrade each of your stations in order to earn more money, and at various milestone levels, you’ll double your income altogether. These are levels 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, and then each multiple of 50 after that (150, 200, etc). Additionally, you’ll get a free diamond whenever you reach one of these milestones, and over time, these diamonds will add up, allowing you to purchase various premium goodies.

Profit increases primarily come from upgrading your equipment, which can be done by increasing either the level or the rarity. To merge equipment into the next highest rarity, you need three pieces of equipment that go in the same slot – they don’t have to be identical, they just have to go into the same slot. Equipment falls under either the head, body, or hands, so three hands-type equipment of the same rarity, for example, can be merged together.

There are various different types of boosts and bonuses that can be acquired by watching advertisement videos. You have a range of temporary boosts available in the bottom left menu button, and additionally, you will be able to open three free boxes per day by watching advertisement videos (and one free box that doesn’t require you to watch a video). Be sure to open all of these boosts daily, even if the equipment is common, because it can be used for merging later.

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One of the best things to save your diamonds for is to unlock new characters. You can unlock Momo for 100 diamonds, and you can unlock the staff and cooks by spending 750 diamonds. Both of these unlocks are worth permanent income boosts, and you can equip them with three pieces of equipment each for even further income boosts.

Events happen frequently, and they give you a whole new restaurant that you can play through and earn income in. Not only can you also earn a diamond for each milestone level that you hit in the event restaurants, but you can earn various prizes here too, such as more equipment boxes to open. Additionally, while you play in one restaurant, the other one will earn offline income, allowing you to continuously earn and upgrade in both types of restaurants.

One of your best uses of diamonds is the daily equipment deals that pop up in the shop. The boxes are cheaper overall, but you don’t know what rarity you will get until you open the box, so the diamonds could end up wasted. With the daily shop deals, you know exactly what you are going to get, and can even earn elite equipment and beyond, or purchase exactly what you need to do the next merge.