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Too Many Cooks – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Too Many Cooks is an excellent cooking and time management team for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to open your own restaurant, learn all sorts of new types of cuisines, and then cook as fast as you can, with a combination of waiting, fast tapping, and using your cooking implements to prepare foods. You can earn coins and gems, various upgrade materials for your different kitchen tools, and far more.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Too Many Cooks!

Unlike many speed-based games, where you can earn up to three stars, this game allows you to earn up to nine stars in one single level. If you are fast enough right from the outset, it is usually possible to get four or five stars, but you’re not going to get seven or more stars until you do a significant amount of upgrades to your equipment.

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The stars between one and three are considered yellow stars. The stars in between four and six are considered orange stars. The stars in between seven and nine are considered purple stars, and a number of the quests that you complete in this game have to do with you earning purple stars during a level.

Equipment upgrades require coins, specific upgrade pieces, and sometimes gems. Regarding specific upgrade pieces, the example here is that in order to upgrade your cutting board, you require knives. There are two ways to earn these pieces of upgrade materials, the first of which is to play the stages where they’ll be used. The more stars that you earn, the more upgrade materials that you earn.

The second is within the market in the game. The market allows you to either purchase stuff using coins, using gems, or to earn it by watching an advertisement video. You can get upgrade materials, masks, and more.

The more levels that you gain, the more different slots that you unlock in the market. Additionally, if you don’t like what’s available, you can either wait for the market to refresh, or you can watch an advertisement video to refresh it automatically. You can watch as many advertisement videos and refresh the market as many times as you want until you find what you need.

This game is rather open ended, so you can go in many directions. You can unlock entirely new types of restaurants whenever you want to, just as long as you have enough coins, and you have completed the prerequisites. You can also unlock more difficult versions of the same restaurant, such as the Sushi-shi restaurant, which is the medium difficulty version of the sushi restaurant.

Not only can you play in solo mode, but you can play against other players in person or online. You can play in a restaurant against up to five other people in person, and if you engage in online play, you can play against up to two other people at a time.