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Stirfry Stunts – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Stirfry Stunts is a new endless cooking game for the iOS and Android featuring the characters from the We Bare Bears franchise. Your goal in this game is to cook as many meals for as many people as you can in the given time. The longer that you go for, the harder that the game gets. Read on for some tips and tricks for Stirfry Stunts!

To start the game off, don’t go too crazy and move too quickly. Instead, put the food on the grill once the customer comes up and you see what they want. Leave it on the grill just long enough for it to darken. Don’t let it burn to a blackened crisp on the grill or you will have to throw it away.

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The faster that you serve a customer, the higher the tip that you will earn. If you start cooking a dish for a customer, and a brand new customer comes up in the middle of cooking, wanting the exact same dish, give it to the new customer for about double the tip size, just as long as you can make up another batch before the original customer leaves.

You have three lives to begin a game, and each time that a customer leaves without getting their food, you lose a life. Keep the right foods cooking for customers at as high of a speed as possible, and if you get to the point where three or four customers are coming up to the counter, requesting three-course or four-course dishes, then do what you can.

To make things easier, go to the shop and scroll past all of the additional food. The cheapest option is to buy two extra plates for 5,000 coins apiece. Buy the boom box and the microphone to slow down and/or freeze all of the timers in the game, to give yourself more time to cook everything.

The real best option, though, is to buy the XL grill to cook more food at a time. Beyond that, also, purchase the Infrared Power to cook food twice as quickly. Purchase the Nuclear Boost in order to be able to cook food instantly without having to wait for it. All of the “view” power ups merely change the background of your restaurant, so don’t buy them before buying the better grill power ups.