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Jet Car Stunts 2 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints, and Strategies

Jet Car Stunts 2 is a new racing game for the iOS, Android, and Xbox Live as well as other systems. This game is a very simple one. There are no in-game currencies, no experience levels, or anything like that. Your goal is simply to complete the required stunts on each track, and then to log in with Facebook and start challenging other players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jet Car Stunts 2!

Some cars (and some types of stages) are more difficult than others. You’ll notice that comparatively, the platforming stages with the ground-only cars are fairly easy. However, with the aerial cars, such as the jet car and the compact, they can be far tougher. Practice over and over on these ones. Use your afterburners to actually propel upwards, otherwise, you’ll just be floating down no matter where you aim vertically.

On the racing stages, use your afterburners on the straightaways, and cut them off when a curve is about to start so that you don’t end up oversteering and slamming into the wall. Smart use of the afterburners is the key to passing enough of the opposing racers to earn a medal on the stage.

Afterburners also allow you to steer when you’re airborne or on your back/side with any car that you drive. This is particularly helpful when you’re doing freestyle stages. Go up half pipes and upside-down jumps, then use the afterburners and tilt your phone to steer the car in the right direction to pull off full flips and corkscrew moves.

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You can’t unlock further stages by beating current stages – you can only unlock them by buying them. The main goal of earning the bronze/silver/gold (preferrably the gold) is to practice so that if you sign in with Facebook, you can respond to other players’ random challenges with a victory.

If you can’t find anyone else to play with (and nobody that you know plays the game also), go to the game’s official Facebook page or the App Store review page and start looking for people who have posted their Facebook info. In addition, you can post yours below in the comments section, or add people who have posted theirs.