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Nitro™ (iOS) Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Nitro™ is a new 3D racing game by Z2Live, makers of the Metalstorm series, for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The cars aren’t real but the racing is just as fun as any racing game on the platform, as you get to upgrade your cars, race against various opponents, move up in tiers (and get better cars in the process), and even race multiplayer or in time trials. Read on for some tips and tricks for Nitro™ for the iOS platform!

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t give you any sort of map of each stage, so you’ll have to look at the direction that the turn arrows are pointing, and memorize each map. Take turns tightly, turn and brake as little as possible, and on really tight turns, start on the outside, and then turn towards the inside and clip the apex, then move back toward the outside as you exit the turn. Drifting is difficult to do (especially if your car handles very well), but turn the phone hard to the side to drift on tight so that you can get that speed boost.

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Don’t use the nitro on stages, because it’s not made obvious at first, but you use 8 stripes for every nitro that you use. Those stripes can be put to far better use, such as buying better cars.

Look for shortcuts on each stage. They won’t be obvious at first, but if you look at the walls to the left and right, every so often you’ll see openings. Enter them and you can cut across a stage, and earn more materials in the process.

Materials include plastic, iron, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass, and you can collect them in stages that you race in (obviously). If you are losing a race so badly that you know you aren’t going to have a chance to come back, go and start collecting every single one of them that you can find in a stage, taking as long as you absolutely can. Some stages have automatic disqualification time limits, so you’ll be limited anyways, but in these and the stages without the limits, collect as many as you can.