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Heroes of Destiny Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Heroes of Destiny is a new team-based battle strategy game from Glu Games Inc, that pits three of your best fighters against wave after wave of orcs, rogues and other enemy fighters. The goal in this game is to beat the enemies and progress from battle to battle, while earning gold, materials to upgrade weapons, and all new stages as well as moving up in difficulty levels. Read on for some tips and tricks for Heroes of Destiny for the iOS and Android platforms!

Keeping your healer alive is one of the most important things to do, especially later on in the game when things get more dicey. She has very strong attack power against other enemies, but only use her to attack when you’re fighting easy battles. Otherwise, keep her out of the way and let your highest defense character be the one to take all of the hits.

Play the weekly missions every day as often as you can and use this advice above to do better on the tougher battles. Save up your tokens so that you can spend them on gems, elemental weapons (such as the venom weapons or inferno weapons), and other worthwhile prizes. The token prizes chance every time that the weekly mission list changes, so save up your tokens if you don’t see anything that you like.

You start off with a whole bunch of “junk” equipment, such as weapons and armor, but despite the name, the junk equipment can still be upgraded to the point of being fairly powerful, and you pick up a lot of amber and coins as you go, so upgrade even the junk equipment to become more powerful, make battles easier, and achieve wins on higher difficulty levels without even having to have advanced equipment.

As you are running from battle location to battle location, tap on every bag of gold or bag of materials you see, even using two hands to tap quickly if you have to. All of this gold and materials will exponentially increase your winnings compared to if you just pick up what enemy fighters drop and ignore the rest, and it will allow you to upgrade your fighters’ equipment FAR more quickly.