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Soul Destiny: List of Giftpack Exchange Activation Codes and How To Find More of Them

Soul Destiny is a popular MMORPG by Eyougame for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to advance through the world and speed-level your character. It’s about as auto-battle as an RPG can get, and you can win all forms of currency, play in guilds with other players, and more!

Eyougame, the developer, has released a number of giftpack activation codes, which are gift codes for players to redeem (often for promo purposes) for some extra goodies. Enter these and you can win completely free rewards without doing anything.

Read on for a list of giftpack activation codes and ways to get them in Soul Destiny!

To make use of the gift codes, of course, you have to know how to get to the redeem code screen. You can access the giftpack activation number screen right from the very moment that you finish the tutorial, no matter how high your experience level is.

Next, tap on the Benefit button and then find the tab that says “Giftpack Exchange”. Once you do, you will find a text box, telling you to put in the giftpack activation number (which is this game’s way of saying “redeem code” or “cdkey”).

Put the code in in order to claim the reward. Put the code into the text box and hit Receive Reward to get the code.

So how do you find the activation codes? You can get three custom ones on your own. Just do them the same way that you do in other Eyougame games, as follows.

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One of them comes from Facebook. Go to the official page of the developer, Eyougame, on Facebook. Subscribe to their page, then DM them a screen capture showing that you subscribed, and they will DM you an activation code.

The second comes from their page on Instagram. Follow their page, then DM them a screen capture to prove that you did along with a request for a Soul Destiny code, and they will DM you a code that you can input.

The third is the Youtube pack. Follow the official youtube channel of Eyougame, then share the screenshot, and they will send you a third giftpack activation code back, too.

How else do you get giftpack activation codes? Go to the official social media pages for the game (Soul Destiny), as well. Then follow them and look through their past posts to see what they have posted.

Look though the Subreddit for Soul Destiny, and also look for links to their Discord page. When you get to either place, search for “giftpack activation codes” or something similar such as “giftpack exchange”, “gift codes”, or even just “gift”, and you can see what other fans post.

Look for streamers who cover Soul Destiny on Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and other game-streaming mediums. Streamers sometimes partner up with the developer, who will then give them exclusive giftpack activation codes to offer.

Currently, there are no universal dedicated giftpack activation codes yet for Soul Destiny. Follow the advice above, through, to get your three custom codes, and follow us to be the first to find more of them as they appear!


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