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Free Fur All – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Free Fur All is a new collection of Bare Bears minigames for mobile platforms by Cartoon Network, based off of the hit cartoon the Bare Bears. The bears are on a quest to get the most awesome videos that they can for social media, so to do so they play all sorts of games, such as racing a Segway, flipping pancakes or taking stickers to put on selfies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Free Fur All, the Bare Bears game!

For the pancake game, the goal is to keep the pancake airborne for as long as possible, without hitting the ceiling. You have to watch out for the kitchen winds, which will knock your pancake straight onto the floor if you are not careful enough, but you can tilt your phone from side to side in order to keep up with the direction that the wind blows it in.

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The racing game is extremely difficult at first, but the thing to remember is that the tilt controls are not very sensitive. That means that you have to tilt farther to the side than you initially think you would. The Segway has a VERY tight turn radius, so you should rarely, if ever, have to hit the brakes on it. It is extremely easy to go fast and stay on tne road once you get used to it.

The barista game gets crazy, but one thing to remember: after you pour a drink, you can serve it to your customers with one thumb while you are pouring another one with your other thumb, or wiping the table with your other thumb. Try to let off of the coffee button a little bit early so that you don’t spill too much of your drink.

The sticker game is a little bit tougher but the thing to remember with this one, is knowing where everything needs to go before you start to put stickers up, and knowing what you need as quickly as possible. Tap and drag as carefully as possible so that you can avoid the unnecessary stickers and get to the ones that you need.

You get coins for each game that you play. Tap on the coin icon and you can spend some of them on goodies for each of the minigames. Typically they will be cosmetic changes, and they won’t really have any effect on how easy or difficult any of the games are, but they are still fun to get. Some of them are cheap, while others of them are extremely expensive.