Merch Tycoon – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Merch Tycoon is an idle game for the iOS and Android where your goal is to make one single form of merchandise and use it to become a millionaire and beyond. This is one of the least relaxing idle games in memory, and some strategy is required to make the most money. You can control the price that you sell each unit for as well as try to purchase the materials at the lowest price possible. On top of that, you can expand your manufacturing footprint and use smart marketing to earn higher prices. Read on for some tips and tricks for Merch Tycoon!

To start with the basics, you make one teddy bear at a time, and you buy the materials. When you first start off, wait until the materials drop to about the lowest-price possible (10 to 15 dollars per unit). As you increase your marketing, though, and you are able to get away with selling more expensive bears, and as the speed of your manufacturing skyrockets, you can get away with buying more expensive materials.

Keep the warehouse upgraded constantly, as well as the storage. The warehouse will allow you to upgrade your equipment for a quicker manufacturing speed (only up until level 9) and the manpower indefinitely. The more manpower you have, the more teddy bears can be manufactured at the same time, up into the 100s and even the 1,000s of teddy bears. The only obstacle will be the amount of them you can sell at the same time.

You can change the price, and thus the market demand, of your bears. At first, you can get away with 35%, but when you begin to get into six-figure incomes and your marketing maxes out at level 9, and you start pumping out insane quantities of teddy bears, you have to drop the price until the market demand hits 90% to 100%. At 100% with full marketing, you can still sell them for 38 apiece, or 144 for every 20 materials (one single material purchase is worth 20 actual materials).

The easiest and most stress-relieving thing that you can do is to use the Materials x10 purchase when you are able to. This allows you to buy 200 materials at the same time instead of just 20, so when the price drops to a preferred level, hit the buy button over and over (and over and over and over, if you have a lot of storage). More storage means more teddy bears AND more materials.

Even after you hire manpower, it will still take a second between the end of one production period and the beginning of the other. So when the manufacturing button pops up, if you want to speed teddy bear production along, hit the button instantly instead of waiting for the manufacturing to start itself up.