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Tasty Town: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Tasty Town is Socialpoint’s newest iOS and Android game, and the first since they were acquired by Take Two Interactive. Tasty Town seamlessly blends mobile city-building gameplay with Cooking Craze-esque time management. You can earn gold and gems, expand to new areas in both your land and your restaurant, and serve food from almost every imaginable cuisine. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tasty Town!

There’s a lot to do in this game, and it starts with resource management. Farming plots are the most basic level, as they allow you to simply grow wheat and other crops. Feed the wheat to the pigs, and you get bacon. Give wheat to the baker, and they’ll turn it into bread. Give the bacon to the cooks and they’ll (confusingly) turn it into burgers. This is just the beginning; the more you level up, the more crops, animals, and different types of cooks that will become available to unlock.

Be sure to always keep the delivery trucks running. Load them up with resources and send them out, and then when they come back, they’ll come back with various expansion materials, such as saws and nails. Expansions require two things: gold and resources, and the expansion resources can only be earned by sending deliveries out and then collecting the rewards when they come back.

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The kitchen is where you play your time management rounds (just hit the play button in order to play them), but spend your gems on upgrading your kitchen first. Spending gold on a specific food item allows you to earn more happiness points for each one you serve, but spending gems allows you to cook additional versions of the same item (two burger patties instead of one, for instance), so that you can serve food faster reduce chances of unhappy customers.

You can expand both your land and your restaurant. As far as expanding your land goes, zoom out and look for mysterious locations on the map, such as abandoned restaurants. Expand toward these locations for special new gameplay modes and bonuses; the closest example to your restaurant is the chillout area, where parties can be hosted. The academy is another close one, as are brand new restaurants.

Leveling up will not only provide you with free bonus gems, but will unlock other areas such as the Social Market, where you can buy and sell resources and make a profit in arbitrage. You can gain levels by cooking dishes at your restaurants and serving customers in the overhead gameplay mode (not in the time management mode).

Once you hit level five, you’ll unlock the star system, where critics will assign higher rank and more stars to your restaurant. Complete the quests that the critics give you and you’ll earn more stars and rank. The more stars and rank you earn, the more Tasty Dash levels you unlock. You also earn special rewards for ranking up; add rank by improving your restaurants with more chefs and more tables.


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