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The Oregon Trail: Boom Town – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town is a new city building game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game acts as a sequel of sorts to the original game, placing you in a new town on the trail. Your goal is to construct your town, built new buildings, earn coins Anna dollars, and send out supplies that can help settlers as they continue down the trail.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for The Oregon Trail: Boom Town!

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This game features loads of building and crafting, but at the base of it all is farming. In order to farm, you have to plant your crops in the field plots given, and then harvest them when they are ready. You will unlock more and more field plots as you gain levels, and they’re completely free, so be sure to always have the maximum that you can so that you can farm crops as quickly as possible.

The two main forms of currency in this game are coins and dollars. You can earn both of these through various methods within the game, but if you go to the Shop menu, you can always earn more of either one by watching an advertisement video, which lasts between 30 seconds and 45 seconds. If you are a spender, then there’s also the option to use real money to purchase either one of these.

Always keep track of how many buildings that you have available to construct, and build them as soon as you can. They usually take coins, and some of them will require you to have other materials, so in order to maximize your gains, always have your farms and your various other crafting buildings going, such as the dairy, the Fear Factory, and more.

Be sure to keep up not only on your daily tasks, but on the quests and missions that other random people show up and give you. They will make requests that you may or may not have thought of, but once you complete the missions that they give you, they will give you free dollars. Dollars are the premium currency of the game, so the more that you can get for free, the better.

If you need to make room for more buildings, one way to do so is to sell trees, rocks, and other landscape features that are on your property. You can’t get rid of the roads, unfortunately, but you can sell trees and rocks, and you’ll earn coins when you do so as well.

Another way to make more room, and to organize your city better, is to move buildings around. Long press and you will see the option to move things. You can put your crafting buildings all together, your residential buildings all out of the way, and so forth in order to make it easier to get around your city.

As you gain levels, you will additionally be able to expand your city into new territories, which will not only give you new trees and rocks to sell, but more space where you can move your town areas to. As you expand, you may even come across hidden areas that are not exactly revealed to you early on in the game.