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Guide to Dragon Town for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Cheats

Dragon Town is a fun town building puzzle game for the iPhone that plays much like two very similar games, Triple Town and Yeti Town. This one differs from the other two both with its coins and upgrades, and with putting you into a medieval setting. You only have a certain number of steps you can use so you have to use them wisely, or else wait for your steps to regenerate. Your goal is to combine 3 items into 1 item over and over and over again, with each item having its own coin value. If you want to get the best score in this game, these tips and tricks are for you.

If you run out of steps but you do not want to wait for them to refill, simply go to your iPhone settings, then go to the date and time, and then set the time ahead by an hour or two. Now go back to the game, and you will have a ton of free steps that you will be able to use in Dragon Town. Repeat this as many times as necessary.

Make three blank spaces surrounded by items, and when you get the skeleton knights, stick them all in there. When three of them are next to each other, they will all spontaneously disappear and turn into graves at the same time, thus turning them instantly into a torch/Dragon Claw.

Use your fireball, when you get it, to destroy the most worthless item possible, if you can. The most worthless items are the grave and the small knight (not the one with the facemask). When you use a fireball to destroy an item, you lose points (unless it’s a rock or a skeleton knight, or a witch that you destroy), but destroying these ones will minimize the point loss.

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