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Dragon Town Game Guide, Part 2: More Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Cheats

Welcome to part 2 of the Dragon Town iPhone Game Guide. Click here to go back to part 1 of the Dragon Town Strategy Guide.

To be able to knock out as many moves as absolutely possible in the game, try to get the gold version of every person, building or icon as often as possible. The gold version is acquired by making a combo out of 4 or 5 of the same item, instead of just 3 of the same item. You can get a massive score this way, especially when you start combining the various castles together and getting gold castles, or combining four Dragon Claws together.

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As well, when you get the magic wand, don’t even bother using it on the knights or even the wizards, because these are a little bit too easy for you to get without using the wand. Instead, use it to combine the various castles when you have at least two castles with only one space in between them, or if you have two Dragon Claws with only one space in between them.

In fact, if you spend coins on anything, spend them on magic wands so you can do just that. This alone will cause your score to absolutely skyrocket.

You normally only get coins by getting the daily login bonus in Dragon Town, but you can cheat to get more coins too, without having to wait an entire day. To do this, simply log into the game. Then, leave the game, close out the app, and go to your iPhone settings. Now, set the phone one day ahead. Then, go back to the game and you will get your next daily bonus. Repeat this for every daily bonus that you want to go for in the game – you can do this up to 10 days in a row – or ten “simulated” time cheat days.