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How to play Major Mayhem: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Major Mayhem for the iPhone and the iPod Touch! This new Adult Swim game has been a huge hit since it was released, because of the nearly endless quantity of stages, weapons and difficulty levels that you can play through, as well as the variety of different enemies that you face in the game. Read on to continue with the beginner’s guide to Major Mayhem!

In Major Mayhem, your main goal is simple: to shoot and kill the enemies, because some evil guys stole your girlfriend. You’ll fight your way through round after round of ninjas, secret agents, terrorists and other random adversaries, rescuing hostages along the way and collecting coins. You’ll do this in four different game modes.

The four game modes are classic, timebomb, arcade and survival. Classic mode is mission-based, complete with three world (tropics, metropolis and desert) and 45 levels for each world. Timebomb puts you into a stage where you have to kill as many enemies as possible within a limited time period. Arcade mode puts the levels in random order and sends you straight through, with no pauses in between, while survival mode challenges you to play an entire world in the game without dying, without any armor drops and without any continues. Arcade mode is the first mode you can play; all of the other modes are unlocked via arcade mode.

Within the game itself, you start off with full armor, a pistol, and an attitude. As you run from stage to stage, you start off ducked behind cover, but when you shoot, you come out from behind the cover and are vulnerable to getting shot. Enemies consist of either humans (such as ninjas) or vehicles (such as tanks and planes). There are also civilians there who need to be rescued. To do that, simply shoot the enemies around the civilians. When they are rescued (AKA: the enemies around them are killed), they will drop either a power up, 10 coins, or an armor recovery.

Each enemy that you kill earns you between 1 and 10 coins, depending on the enemies. Humans earn you 1 coin, armored humans (such as SWAT team) earn you three, small vehicles (such as the Dogs of War in their jeeps) earn you 5, and bigger vehicles (planes and tanks) earn you 10 or more. Coins can be used to purchase new weapons or other goods in the armory.

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