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How to play Major Mayhem: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the beginner’s guide to Major Mayhem. Click here to go back to part 2 of the Major Mayhem walkthrough.

The Armory is where all of the good stuff is at. You can go here to spend your coins on weapons, clothing, supplies or even new characters such as Lieutenant Larry. Supplies include all of the power ups you normally get in stages, such as air strikes (which destroy all enemies on screen), robo mayhem (which makes you invincible temporarily), hero time (which slows down the time), super bullets (which fire deadly lasers that hit the enemy instantaneously), extra continues, and even unlokcing all of the levels early. You can also unlock all game modes in here if you don’t have the patience to play to unlock them.

There are many types of weapons you can get. You start off with the pistol and can buy different types of pistols later on, such as the silenced pistol and the magnum, which shoots through objects. Other weapon types include shotguns (which fire multiple rounds at once), rifles (more accurate and rapidfire), machine guns/automatic weapons (including the P99 and Uzi and Light Machine Gun), explosive weapons (such as the Bazooka and Grenade Launcher), and even a plasma rifle, which fires as if you had the super bullets power up on at all times. Those who have too many coins on hand can even buy the whimsical Chicken Cannon, the ultimate in explosive weapons (and comedy weapons).

Finally, back in the main menu, not only can you access the armory and all of the game modes, but also various options in the game. These options include rating the game, resetting achievements, resetting the tutorial back to the beginning, logging in via Facebook or Twitter, and turning the sound effects on and off. Be careful, because if you reset the achievements in the game, you will not earn anymore coins the next time you complete them.

That’s all for the beginner’s guide to Major Mayhem! Enjoy!