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Major Mayhem for iPhone: how to get more Coins

Wanna get more coins in Major Mayhem, the new game for the iPhone and iPod touch by Adult Swim? So does everybody else because the more coins that you get, the better weapons that you can buy in the game. You can also buy new armor and hats and even a new character, Lieutenant Larry, but the new weapons are what makes the biggest difference in the game with regards to difficulty. Read on to find out the best ways to get more coins, especially how to get free coins!

There are extra coin bonuses at the end of a stage if you earn enough mayhem to get more than one ribbon for the stage. The biggest bonuses come from getting three ribbons on one single stage, though.

You always have three missions at a time to complete, so each time youplay a stage focus on trying to get the missions completed as quickly as possible. Each mission that you complete earns you 50 coins. When you play the roulette game at the end of a stage after ranking up, you will also get a chance to earn free coins. Stop the spinner on the coin bonuses for either 10 or 100 coins.

Replay a stage over and over that has lots of tanks or planes for you to do battle with. Each tank earns you 5 coins to beat and each plane earns you 10 coins to beat. Also, sometimes guys that you rescue will earn you 10 bonus coins. Earn new achievements to earn between 100 and 200 free coins at a time, too.

If you are going to spend real life money on one thing in this game, spend 99 cents in the app store on the coin bonus. If you buy the coin bonus, it will earn you double coins in the game forever, for everything that you do in the game that would earn you coins.