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Guide to My School Dance for iPhone: Tricks, Tips, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

My School Dance is a new game for the iPhone and for the iPod touch in which to get to play as a girl at school who is getting ready for the school dance. To get ready for the school dance you need to get a boyfriend, but to get a boyfriend you need some cool new clothes. To get clothes you need money, which you earn at the coffee shop near your school. Sound complicated? Make it less so with these tips and tricks for My School Dance!

When you are working in the coffee shop, complete levels one through twenty once, then complete levels one through twenty again to earn both the 50 beauty bucks bonus and the 100 beauty bucks bonus. After that, though, pause the game and quit out of the coffee shop. The third round, where you have to assemble your coffees in the right order, tends to screw the game up, bogging it down and then causing you to have to close the game out by force to make your phone start working again, so leave and simply restart before it even gets to that point.

While the game does not show you which items that you buy will give you the most popularity points, in general, the most expensive items are the ones that will give you the most popularity points for wearing them. Buy the most expensive items that you can afford and the most accessories possible, such as a hat, necklace, earrings and arm band, in order to maximize your popularity.

When you are at the school dance itself and are completing the dance moves in order to move onto the next level, complete those dance moves as quickly as possible. This will earn you more total points compared to doing it. Ore slowly even when you don’t mess up either time.