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How to play Tap Campus Life: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

If you ever wanted to play a videogame that simulates life as a person who runs their own sorority, look no further than the new iPhone title, Tap Campus Life, by Pocket Gems. In this game you’re the founder of a brand new sorority who is trying to spread the word, recruit girls, go to school and work jobs, and recruit on the college campuses. It can be a frustrating and difficult game, but this beginner’s guide (which is not just for beginners, by the way) should help you too.

You start off the game with one girl in your sorority, but as you complete the tutorial, you end up recruiting another girl for a total of two, but your goal is to grow your sorority to be as huge as you can get it. To do this, you need to do the following things: Expand your land, expand the house, decorate to increase your house score, buy clothing to increase your style score, and make money!

Every girl that you have in the house makes a certain amount of money – just tap on the girl to see how much money she makes. Your first two girls make 40 dollars per hour; however, as the girls get more and more expensive to recruit, they will make more and more money apiece. You can increase a girl’s income by going to school. This increases your school score. Go to the “Play!” tab, and then hit the “school” button to choose which school activity you want to do.

After you get some school points, tap on any one of the girls that you want to, and tap “upgrade” and you will be able to upgrade her job if you have enough school points to do so. You need to have recruited 3 girls to be able to upgrade jobs, but each upgrade up is an increase in income for the girls.

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