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Guide to Tap Campus Life for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Tap Campus Life is a new game by Pocket Gems, the people responsible for the smash hit Tap Paradise Cove and the Android hit Tap Dragon Park. In this game you are a sorority girl who trying to start her own sorority, and you are in competition with the local rich chick and her sorority which is financed by her rich parents. Your goal is to make your own money, recruit other girls who make their own money, and pool all of your money together to make the best sorority there is. Read on for some tips and tricks!

When you are trying to figure out which new girl to recruit to your sorority, pick the one who costs the most hotness points or house points (whichever one costs more in general) to try and recruit. While it takes a little bit longer to recruit this girl (you need to throw more events to make it happen), she will have a better job right off the bat, and make a lot more money for you.

Hot: Bubble Arena: Cash Prizes: Active Promo Codes and Guide to Free Money

Use any extra money that you have lying around not to upgrade your girls to better jobs by doing school (unless you have a LOT of extra money), but to try and recruit new girls instead, at least until the new girls become prohibitively expensive to get. The payoff for upgrading a girl to a better job isn’t that great, unless you take one girl and slowly upgrade her to the maximum job, and even that takes forever to do.

Keep buying more decorations as often as you can in order to get more house points and more hotness points. The more of them you buy, the cooler the recruits that you are able to pick up, and the cooler the recruit, the more money that they pull in with their jobs, meaning that the faster you can expand out, and pick up extra buildings such as the beach hut and the spa.

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