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Guide to Infinity Lands: (part 2) More Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies – The Beginning Continued

Welcome to part 2 of the tips and tricks guide to Infinity Lands for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide, focusing on the beginning of the game.

Now that all of your resources are taken care of (for now, at least, as they are never really completely finished), it’s time to start preparing your kingdom for war before the 6 day beginner protection runs out. Build yourself a Barracks, a Stable and a Range – all three of these allow you to train troops. You will have already recruited a hero during the beginning of the game by building a Bar, so don’t worry about this one.

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Next, go to either one of those and train your troops. You will unlock spies from the barracks at level 2, and everyone else has more powerful troops that can be unlocked when you upgrade the training facility in question (barracks, stable or range) to level 5. The stable generally trains the most well rounded troops, so train your level 1 troop (for example, if you are the elves, the Giant Viper) from there first, but train troops from everywhere to be well rounded and to have a generally huge quantity of troops at your disposal.

Next, upgrade your wall, which is at the lower left corner of your city. The higher the level of your wall, the more defense you will have when you get attacked (although troops which are stationed at your city also count toward its defense).

Now, go to your university and start researching technologies. These will count toward the power of every single one of your troops, increasing your bang for the buck (or resource) MASSIVELY before you set out to attack (or before your protection runs out and you have to defend your city).

Upgrade everything as high as you can before your beginner protection runs out, and you could end up being one of the stronger players in the game before even fighting one single battle!