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Guide to Valor and Valor HD: Cheats, tips, tricks and strategies – The Beginning, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Valor and Valor HD Tips and Tricks Guide, this part focusing on the beginning of the game. Click here to go back to part 1 of the Valor and Valor HD tips and tricks guide, also focusing on the beginning!

Next, upgrade the barracks and the wall. The barracks is where you can train your troops, while the wall is your basic defense to your city. The wall’s defense power increases as you increase its level. The more you level up the Barracks, the better the troops that you can build. In addition, built a stable, a workshop, and a forgery when your city hall is upgraded enough, to build even better troops and increase your “points”, which represent the strength of your city.

Next, before you start fighting others, it is recommended to find a guild to join. Guilds can strategize, share troops and share resources. Also, build a hiding place, so that you can hide resources from attackers who might potentially loot them. The more that you upgrade the hiding place, the more that you can hide away so that attackers can’t get it.

Finding a guild to join can be fairly difficult depending on where you are in the map. Go to your map and click on player owned cities, and look for ones which are affiliated with guilds already. Then message the officers of the guild to try to get them to invite you. Starting your own guild is much easier though. All you really have to do is start it and wait for the messages to come, but you can speed up the process by sending out invites to all nearby players, one by one, who are not already in a guild. Send to the closest players to your city first in order to expedite any troop movements.

When you are trying to find cities to attack, look for a few things. Keep an eye out for cities that never seem to gain any more points. Make sure that they aren’t part of a guild. If this is this case it is very likely that the city is abandoned. These cities will be very easy to attack and steal resources from.