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How to play Monpla Smash: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Monpla Smash for the iPhone and Android! Monpla Smash is a monster collecting card RPG by GREE that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. You have a number of quests that you can proceed on that will carry you onto the next level, as well as earn you more monsters. Read on for the Monpla Smash beginner’s guide!

As you start off the game, an old wizard named Elric will take you through the tutorial, as well as gift you with a beginning monster card to use in battle. Your first order of operations will be to do your first battle. Battles happen automatically (as in, the attacks are done by the computer itself) until you interject in with a Smash Attack.

The number on the bottom left area with the circular meter around it is the smash meter, and each time you attack or you are attacked, this meter will increase. When it gets to 100, tap the button to execute a smash attack. Once you do, a smash target pops up, with a little monster head bouncing around on a target. Stop it by tapping it. Your goal is to tap it when it is on the bullseye.

Tapping it on the bullseye will earn you a score of “perfect” for that attack. Tapping it inside the yellow line is “great”, inside the blue line is “good”, and outside of the target altogether is “poor”. The closer to the center of the target that you hit, the more damage your smash attack you do. Your best smash attack during a particular battle round will also earn you a higher score at the end of the battle.

Your total score, which is decided at the end of the battle, depends on how many opposing monsters that you kill and how many smash attacks you pull off. In addition, catching an egg during a battle will also add another 50 points to your score per battle.

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