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Guide to Monpla Smash for iPhone and Android: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Monpla Smash is a new game by GREE Inc, the company responsible for browser style RPGs such as Driland for the iPhone and the Android OSes. This one is actually much different than many of their other ones, with much more straightforward gameplay, questing through different levels and battling against other monsters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monpla Smash!

To load up your deck with monsters in Monpla Smash, go back through old stages and simply fight against monsters on your way. Finish a monster off with a Smash Attack and it will most likely turn into an egg, meaning it will be yours for the keeping. The highest level monster in a stage will usually be the one sidekick monster that is fighting alongside the boss. They are easier to catch than the boss.

Try to end every battle round that you engage in with a smash attack. Not only does this lead to catching extra monsters, but each extra egg that you get increases your score as well, so you can finish the round with an AAA rating instead of an A or less.

Bosses can sometimes be very difficult to defeat, so your best bet is to, during the battle BEFORE the boss fight, charge up the Smash Attack, and then save it for the first move that you make in the fight against the boss’s comrade, in order to ensure easy defeat of the boss and no energy drain on your strong characters. Then, let it charge up again and use it on the boss either immediately (if you are only trying to win) or when the boss’s energy is about halfway gone (when you are trying to catch the boss).

Make sure to add as many friends as you can as you do your quests. After each stage in the game, you will get the chance to add two friends, and you can have 40 friends maximum. For each friend you have you will get more and more friendship hearts each day.

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