Etherlords: How to get more Ether, Valor (Honor) and Matter

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Etherlords is the latest smash hit RPG for the iPhone and iPad, this one being very loosely based off of the old PC RPG by the same name, also by NIVAL. This game has three forms of currency, or “currency” as it were. Ether is the primary one, the one in the blue bottle that’s used for almost every purchase in the game. Etherlord Valor, sometimes referred to as Honor, is the one in the green bottle that is more rare and has less uses but is very valuable for enhanced fusions. Matter is used to rebuild the world. Read on for some tips on how to get more of all three of these!

First, the matter, because that’s the simplest one with the least methods of acquisition. There are 2 ways to gain more matter. One is to fight battles and win. Each time that you win a battle (except for a battle for keys or a boss battle), you will win 7 Matter. Want more matter? Fight more. Plus, you can earn more matter when you get treasure chests after a battle (the three key chests).

Valor, referred to in the official FAQ as Honor for some reason, is the social currency of the game. The non-social way to get more Valor is to, as noted above, fight until you win a big chest as a reward. Then fight for all three keys, win all three of the battles, and when you do, the chest will automatically be opened. Often you will find one Valor point in here.

The best way to earn more Valor, though, is simply to add more friends via Facebook. You and your Facebook friends can gift each other with Valor once per day, for a total of five gifts per day per person sent to anyone. The more people you add, the higher the chances of having them gift you, but make sure to gift them often as well so that they remember you when it comes time to send gifts.

Ether, like the other two, can be won from opening the chests after battle. Ether rewards are also earned by completing the main quest for any level that you’re in. This is true no matter for new worlds, and for worlds that you have already played before, so go back and complete old quests over and over to farm for ether.

Be sure also to play the bonus event missions whenever they come up, as long as your creatures are strong enough to do so. These will provide even higher amounts of ether (and likely, of the other two currencies as well) than the main ones will. Also, you can sell any monster card that you don’t want in order to earn more ether.

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