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Etherlords – Fusion Guide: How to fuse and enhance your creatures

Etherlords is a big new RPG with card battling characteristics and loads of customization. You get to build an entire world in this game, but before that, you have to fight for your tiles. Fighting is best done using strong players, especially strong players who have been enhanced quite a bit. Read on for some tips on how to enhance and fuse your monsters on Etherlords!

First, the simple things about fusion. Fusing your creatures allows you to pick out one beneficiary creature, then pick out somewhere between one and four feeder creatures, and sacrifice feeders to level up your beneficiary. You will have to spend a very small amount of ether in order to do this. This not only gets rid of cards that you don’t want, but strengthens your favorite cards.

There are a lot of factors in play when it comes to how much experience you get. One of these is the race of cards. Any card which has a race that matches your beneficiary’s race will earn 2x the experience compared to cards of a different race. Any card that is exactly the same as your beneficiary card will earn 4x the experience points as usual for your beneficiary card!

Other factors come into play, too. For example, the rarity of a card comes into play. There are common, uncommon, rare, superior and legendary cards. The rarer the card, the more experience they will provide as a feeder, and the faster their stats will increase as a beneficiary. The higher the level of the feeder, the more experience they will give as well.

Every so often you will randomly get an excellent fusion. When you get an excellent fusion, you can spend a little bit of honor in order to receive a substantial experience points bonus. Either that, or you can refuse to spend the honor points and the fusion will just go on as normal.

You can level a creature all the way up to their designated leveling limit. The leveling limit is their max level, and the rarer they are, the higher they can be leveled up to. Rare creatures can be leveled to 120, for example, while commons can be leveled to 60. That means superior and legendary creatures will have an insanely high ceiling, both as far as levels and as far as stats.

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