Etherlords: Top 25 Cheats, Tips, Hacks, Tricks and Strategies, Page 5

5) Add friends on Facebook for big bonuses.
If you add friends on Facebook you’ll load up. You’ll get 1,000 ether for the first friend, 40 crystals of wrath for the third friend, 20 runes of birth for the fifth friend, one silver summon once you get 10 friends, 10,000 ether when you hit 15 friends, and finally, one premium golden summon when you hit 20 friends.

4) Send gifts back and forth with your Facebook friends
You and your friends can send valor (also refered to as honor) back and forth to each other, and honor can be used to purchase booster packs of creatures. You can send to five people in one day, so if you have more than five friends, be sure to spread the love around to increase the chances of getting valor from more of your friends.

3) Buy the booster packs to get rare and better creatures.
All of the card packs can earn you rare and above creatures, with a couple of them earning you uncommons as the base creature and a couple of them earning you legendaries as the big prize. The more you buy the same card pack, the more your chances increase of getting the top card for that pack.

2) If you buy an in-app purchase, spend it like this.
Don’t buy the premium gold booster. Buy five gold boosters for the same price to DRAMATICALLY increase your chances of getting superior and legendary cards. If you buy a premium gold booster and only get a rare, it will be a massive disappointment (and an expensive one too).

1) The rarest of the rare cards are in the events.
This is why you want to play the events, to get the extremely rare creatures that will be gone for good once the event goes away, such as various dragons like the Azure Dragon. This is why it’s best to play the events as soon as they show up and keep playing them until they go away, at which point you switch back to the regular world stages.

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