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For anyone who loves the top-down bullet hell games that terrorized gamers in the ’90s, Gemini Strike will provide the perfect throwback. Armor Games’ new iOS and Android entry takes that gameplay and adds story elements, a healthy-but-not-overbearing dose of freemium elements, and a good bit of replay potential with all of the ways to upgrade. Read on for the top 20 tips and cheats for Gemini Strike!

20) First priority: avoid enemy fire.
When you’re playing it can become quite overwhelming trying to see everything, but your primary concentration should always be on the enemy fire – and more specifically, how to avoid getting hit. Avoid it at the expense of literally all else if you want the best possible chance at beating any stage.

19) Pick up colored gems to get special attacks.
Purple, green, blue, and orange gems appear, with each one having its own special attacks. Use these by double tapping on the screen or by tapping on the gem when it shows up in the lower left hand corner of your screen. Orange unleashes a spreading attack. Green unleashes homing missiles. Blue unleashes electroshock attacks. Purple activates a huge laser that points straight forward from your ship.

18) Sweep around the screen to pick off enemy fighters.
When the screen is kind of empty, sweep back and forth to fire shots across the top of the screen. This will take out quite a few enemies that you can’t see, and even when enemies start to pop up, this is a good way to segue right into avoiding enemy fire once the screen begins to fill up too.

17) Run out of hearts? Set the time on your phone ahead to get them all back right away.
You lose a heart when you die on a stage and each heart takes around 12 minutes to regenerate. If you want to get them back right away, all that you have to do is set the time ahead by an hour (four hearts, with 15 minute cooldown time per heart means that an hour is all that it will take).

16) Do the last cheat as many times as you want without ever having to set your phone ahead by ridiculous amounts of time.
After you do the previous trick, go to the game to verify that your hearts are back to normal, then go back to the date and time settings. Set your time back to normal, and then go back to the game again, and you will see that all of your hearts are still there.

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