Etherlords: Top 25 Cheats, Tips, Hacks, Tricks and Strategies

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Etherlords is an insanely popular new RPG for the iOS platform by NIVAL, makers of the original PC Etherlords (though this game barely relates to the old one and is a completely different game in every way). Your goal is to battle and get matter that can be used to rebuild a world that has been shattered. Read on for the top 25 tips and tricks for Etherlords!

25) Use special moves frequently in battle.
Your characters will attack automatically, but every ten seconds a specific skill will charge up, with one skill allocated per fighter. Use the skills as often as possible to end battles as quickly as possible. Typically you will want to use the skill which does the most damage, but this also depends on your specific strategy for specific battles.

24) Move your creatures around to change who they attack.
Each of your creatures always targets the character directly in front of them, unless that character dies, so if you want to switch targets, tap the arrows on the screen to swap their positions. This will change their special attack targeting too, unless they use an attack that’s designated as targeting a random enemy.

23) Watch out for glyphs to appear underneath your fighters.
A glyph is a glowing blue, red or green platform corresponding with the race of your creatures. Stand a creature of matching race onto a glyph and its power (both for normal attacks and for special attacks) will skyrocket between 3x and 5x for that turn.

22) Use the Crystal of Wrath to unleash a “smartbomb” special attack once per battle.
You can buy these in the consumables store for merely 100 ether and you can win them for free. Each one of these purple crystals enables a wrath attack that can be used whenever you want, including before the battle even begins.

21) Know what to build in order to complete the quests in the “Worlds Fusion” portion of the game.
Worlds Fusion is where you rebuild in order to move on and face the boss. You have three things you can complete. The water is always referred to as a lake, the grasslands are a glade and the dark green is a forest. Complete these in the allotted amount of moves that you are given per level.

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