Etherlords – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Etherlords is a new world-building RPG for the iOS platform (expect it on Android eventually), originally released for Steam a long time before. In this game your goal is to battle for ether and tiles, and then use those tiles to fill in the remnants of a world that was nearly shattered before. Being a mobile RPG, of course, there is almost endless customization and card-battling style gameplay with hundreds of troops for you to add to your battle party. Read on for some tips and tricks for Etherlords for iOS!

As previously stated, this game has plenty of card battling elements. When you fight, like in most iOS card battling RPGs, and RPGs in general, your troops will attack automatically; however, every ten seconds or so, a special move will charge up. For attack moves, always pick the special move that does the most damage, whether it’s to one opponent or to multiple opponents.

Other special moves will not do any damage; they will instead either buff one or all of your party members’ in a specific stat, or debuff one or all opponents in a specific stat. The effectiveness depends upon the individual special move itself, but often they can be used in conjunction with offensive special moves to give you a huge advantage.

Keep your team updated at all times. Whenever you earn a new party member check to see what their rarity is, and have the rarest ones added to your party. Always level up your favorite party using the cards that you don’t want anymore. They will disappear forever but they will be used as feeder creatures, and your main party will reap the benefits.

You’ll get more experience points from feeder cards based on their rarity, and by what experience level they are at. Plus, any feeder cards that you use which match the element of your main benefitting card, will earn extra bonus experience.

Don’t want to fight for more tiles? Go and spend some resources on getting more tiles. However, you’ll run out of resources rather quickly if you keep doing this too often. Luckily, fighting will earn you not only more tiles, but more resources as well, so keep fighting as often as possible in order to earn more rewards.

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