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If you get stuck on a particular map and you can never seem to get ahead, it’s not anywhere near as bad as you think it is. All that you have to do is farm the battles in order to earn more matter. If you aren’t getting the tiles that you need in order to complete a particular structure, reroll for tiles by spending 3 matter. Keep going and keep fighting if you need to fight.

Also, don’t waste tiles on unnecessary areas because there is only a limited number of tiles that you can put down before you hit your maximum and fail the mission. Reroll for the tiles that you need in order to complete the necessary segments to finish, and don’t worry about running out of matter as you can get infinitely more matter just by battling over and over again.

Want to have one of the best and rarest teams in the world? The primary suggestion is simply to farm battles until you earn 20,000 ether. Then go to the store area and go to the card packs and purchase the five-pack of premium silver picks (buy four get one free) which gives you a sky high chance of earning at least one legendary and multiple superior cards. Repeat as often as needed for an extremely rare batch of cards.

The grinding portion is slow, but the way to make it happen is to keep fighting until you come across a treasure chest. Then you’ll have to fight for the three keys to open it. Once you get all three of the keys and win, huge rewards will be inside, often including valor points and new creatures to add to your party as well. Or go back to a world that you have beaten already (or a chapter) and then beat it all over again.

Changing your lineup of creatures has eluded the grasp of many a player. All you have to do in order to do this is to start a battle, then go to the “My Army” button and then tap the active player that you want to switch out. Tap whoever you want to switch in, and then switch them. Tap and hold to see a creature’s statistics before you make up your mind.

Wanna restart the game from the beginning with all of the new knowledge that you have? Then all you have to do is delete the app, then download it again. After you finish downloading it, shut off all of your data, 3G, WiFi or any methods of connecting to the internet, start the game again, and it will be all new. Finish the tutorial and then re-enable your internet services and you will keep your new saved game.

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