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Drag N Merge: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Drag N Merge is a new iOS and Android puzzle game with a simple yet difficult premise.

Your goal in this game is to merge numbered together to make tiles that are one number higher, and to go for the highest score that you possibly can.

Read on for some tips, cheats, strategies, hints, and tricks for Drag N Merge!

The game starts off very easy, but then gets much harder as you merge higher and higher numbers.

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You always have to race against the clock too, so the quicker that you can make merges, the better.

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When the timer bar runs out, more tiles will get added to the board, so you want to clear out tiles as quickly as possible in order to make the board stay low.

As you get further on into the merging, tiles will appear that are connected together. All that you have to do in order to separate the tiles is merge one of the two connected tiles with a tile of an equal number.

The two tiles that are connected will then disconnect, giving you more freedom of movement and allowing you to move tiles around easier.

You can merge two identical tiles if they are right next to each other, even if they are underneath a whole other stack of tiles.

Connected tiles can’t be moved around when they are underneath a stack of tiles, but non-connected tiles can be moved and merged. To move connected tiles, move all of the other tiles or on top of them.

You can pause the game whenever you want. When you do, an ad break will happen, and then a full ad video will play.

Once you’re done with the ad video, you can unpause. If you want to make the ad videos go away, set the phone or tablet that you’re playing the game on to airplane mode.

Once the devs add an ad-free mode to the game, you’ll be able to purchase that in order to stop the ads from appearing.

As you get further in and make larger tiles, you’ll get the option to start the game from either tile 5, 10, 15, or higher, depending on what the highest tile is that you have merged to.

Starting higher allows you to get high scores quicker, although it can make it so that the game gets tougher earlier, as well. Try playing from multiple starting points and seeing which one suits you best.


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